October 10- 12, 2014 


Two nights of performances and a day of workshops: October 10th, 11th & 12th, 2014
Mission Cultural Center 2868 Mission Street, 
San Francisco, CA 94110

This year the event is dedicated to the ancestors and will showcase the music, dance and the arts of Cuban culture. Thank you to everyone who has promoted Cuban culture over the years in the Bay Area.Heading 2

October 10th & 11th shows at 8:00pm 
Mission Cultural Center 2868 Mission Street, 
San Francisco, CA 94110

Confirmed groups:
Arena Dance Company (Bembe)

Rueda con Ritmo: A Capella Rueda de Casino (Mi musica)

Grupo experimental Nago (Bembe Oriental) 

Las Tolitas (Timba y Tumba)

CultuCuba performing group (Chancleta y Carnaval)

Latin Dance Groovers

Grupo Experimental Nago Festival 2017 1_

October 12 Special workshop 10:00am-6:00pm
Teachers confirmed:

Jose Barroso: Afro-Cuban dance (Yoruba) (10am-11am Studio B)
Glendis Perez: Percussion (10am-11am Studio E) 
Jose Carlos Alarcon: Cuban Ballet tecnique (11am-12pm Studio A) 
Erick Barberia: Combo class (Rumba, Casino, folklore) (11am-12pm Studio B) 
Yismaris Ramos: Casino (Cuban Salsa Suelta) (12-1pm Studio A) 
Susana Arenas : Afro-Cuban dance (Yoruba) (12-1pm Studio B) 
Vladimir Cepeda: Percussion and Afro-Cuban songs (1-2pm Studio A)
Roberto Borrell: Son and Popular dance (1-2pm Studio B)
Yenne Guibert: Populares (mambo, chchacha) (2-3pm Studio A 
Silvio Divo: Cuban Hatian dance(Gtmo Style) (2-3pm Studio B 
Adonis Damian Martin: Contemporary dance (3-4pm StudioA)
Denmis Savigne: Rumba(Yambu,Guaguanco and Columbia) (3-4pm Studio B) 
Delvis Savigne: Intro to Cuban Modern (4-5pm Studio A) 
Jose Rojas : Tajona, Tumba Francesa dance (4-5pm Studio B 
Ramon Ramos: Casino (Cuban Salsa) (4-5pm Studio E) 
Jose Carlos Alarcon: Afro-Cuban Modern dance (5-6pm Studio A) 
Temi Betancourd: Cuban Hatian dance (Stgo Style) (5-6pm Studio B) 

Price: Full pass workshop (8 classes $90) 
Five classes pass (5 classes $65)
One class pass (1class $15)
A transaction and service fee will be added

Get your full pass workshop and five classes pass here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/863927 limited capacity at this price
One class pass at the day of the event

Film presentation (dedication to ancestors) (9-10am Mission Cultural Center Theater)
Costume gallery, 
Photo exhibition, 
Cuban food, 
Folkloric skirts for sale: Regina M Tolbert.
Three children’s books available for purchase as well as packaged prints of the illustrations in Spanish and English versions by Cuban-born author painter and illustrator Rafael Arzuaga 10:30am to 3:00 pm Sunday 12th





Original artwork of Cuban artist, Pablo Soto Campoamor. Soto Campoamor will be featuring paintings, prints, and postcards for sale. pablosotocampoamor.com





LA DESCARGA! In a musical context, a "descarga" is an impromptu jam session. All day Sunday the 12th, the MCCC Theater will be available for musicians, singers, and anyone who loves music to show up and create together. Open to everyone, free of charge. Bring the instrument(s) of your choice! Let's see what happens!
For more details, please contact Sara Herrera at Saritaherrera1@live.com
Rumba abierta and DJ EMV Elias (Sunday 6-8pm at the MCCC Theater ) 


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This trip will take you to see both the cultural highlights of Cuba as well as explore the everyday Cuban experience

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