Oct 7 - Oct 9, 2016

San Francisco

Bay Area

Cuban Festival

featuring Madera Limpia

direct from Cuba! 

Friday, Oct 7
8pm - Performances at Mission Cultural Center
10pm - Cuban Salsa, Timba, Reggaton 
Dance Party @ Balancoire, San Francisco
Saturday, Oct 8
8pm - "Madera Limpia" Concert!
Direct from CUBA @ Brava Theater
Cuban Dance Masters Showcase
from Cuba, Miami, NYC and SF Bay Area
Sunday, Oct 9
10am - Full day of Cuban dance and music

Friday, Oct 7:

8:00pm Dance performances


the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

2868 Mission Street. betwen 24th and 25th


  • Dos Fours

  • Grupo Experimental Nago 

  • CultuCuba Dance Group

  • Grupo Todavia

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10:00pm Dance Party



Balancoire, 2565 Mission St. and 22nd st.

with DJ Walt Diggz (Little Baobab, Il Pirata, Fresquecito).


  • Timba

  • Cuban Salsa

  • Reggaeton

  • Live Rumba with Los Romberos (live afro-cuban drumming!)

  • Special guests!

  • Full Bar!

buy your tickets online and save: only $8 instead of $12.

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Tickets will also be sold at the door for all Friday night events. 


Saturday, Oct 8:


Concert and Dance Show:

Madera Limpia

Direct from Cuba!


Brava Theater

US premiere of the internationally acclaimed Cuban group “Madera Limpia”. They mix Afro Cuban and traditional music —changui, nengon, quiriba, and son—with rumba, jazz, reggae, and hip-hop. Madera Limpia has toured internationally and shared the stage with Oscar de Leon, Los Van Van, Orishas, Compay Segundo, and Eliades Ochoa from the Buena Vista Social Club.

Cuban Dance Show: De Aqui y De Alla

Master Cuban Dancers present an exciting mix of Cuban Traditional Dance Styles, from Rumba to Tap to Abakua.

Together on stage for the first time:

Master Cuban Artists Yoel Mullen, Delvis Savigne, Jose Rojas, Adonis Damian Martin, Denmis Savigne, Silvio Divo, Yenne Guibert, Mijail Labrada, Karen Puerto, David Pedroso Rivera, and Dos Four to perform together for the very first time!


Guest artists:

  • Santiago “Chaguito” Garzón Rill direct from Cuba (former lead percussionist and singer of Clave y Guaguanco and former musical director of Rumberos de Cuba)

  • Renowned Max Pollak from New York, who joins the show with Rumba Tap, a unique mix of Cuban rhythms, body percussion,

  • Accomplished Cuban artist Ramon Cabrera from Miami, who will perform Abakua, a music and dance not frequently performed due to its complexity.


Sunday, Oct 9:


Dance and music workshops

the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

Full day of dance and music workshops with special guest teachers: 


  • Santiago “Chaguito” Garzón Rill direct from Cuba (former lead percussionist and singer of Clave y Guaguanco and former musical director of Rumberos de Cuba)

  • Ramon Cabrera (Miami/Cuba)

  • Kati Hernandez (Los Angeles/Cuba)

  • Duane Wrenn (Detroit)

  • Susana Arenas

  • Erick Barberia

  • Temistocles Betancourt

  • Silvio Divo

  • Delvis Savigne

  • Adonis Damian Martin,

  • Yoel Mullen,

  • Karen Puerto

  • Yismaris Ramos

  • Jose Rojas

  • Denmis Savigne


All workshops are at 

The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts,

2868 Mission St. and 24th. next to BART


Full pass workshop (8 classes $90) 
Five classes pass (5 classes $65)
One class pass (1 class $15)

Schedule (see below):

Studio 1-A
Studio 2 - B
Studio 3 - E

Adonis Damian

(Contemporary Dance)

Yoel Mullen

(Percussion and Afro-Cuban songs)


Erick Barberia

(Combo class,
Rumba, Casino, Folklore)

Kati Hernandez


(Afro-Cuban Folklore, Rumba--Yambu, Guaguanco)


Denmis Savigne

(Rueda de Casino, Salsa Suelta)

Susana Arenas

(Afro-Cuban Folklore)


Yismaris Ramos

(Casino (Cuban Salsa) Suelta)

Silvio Divo

(Cuban-Haitian Gtmo Style)

Santiago Garzon

(Direct from Cuba)

(Popular Percussion-- Son, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo)


Santiago Garzon

(Direct from Cuba)

(Percussion— Afro-Cuban Son)

Ramon Carrera


(Rumba--Yambu, Guaguanco, Columbia)

Adalberto Subirot

(Direct from Cuba)

(Keyboard for Popular Cuban Music)


Delvis Savigne

(Intro to Cuban Modern)

Ramon Carrera


(Afro-Cuban Folklore)

Duane Wrenn


(Casino (Cuban Salsa)


Kati Hernandez


(Rueda de Casino (Cuban Salsa Rueda)

Temistocles Betancourt

(Cuban-Haitian Stgo Style)


Karen Puerto

(Popular Dance, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha

Jose Cheo Rojas

(Tajona,Tumba Francesa Folklore)

Eudys Ramirez

(Direct from Cuba)

(Bass, Tres, Marimbula)

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